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Reem Totonchi

reemMusic is art, music is language, music is an outlet, music is feeling – music can be anything and everything. I have had music in my life since I was an infant, and that has helped instill in me my love of music, as well as my desire to pass on that love through teaching piano lessons and group classes. I hope to pass on that love to every person I work with!

In my one-on-one piano lessons, I focus on individualized curricula for each student based on their interests, needs, age, and ability. I have worked with a very large range of students who follow many different paths and play in various genres. Lessons are always fun, yet focused. I encourage performances in several types of venues including recitals, competitions, and in a volunteer setting. My goal is to make people love music first, and learn to play piano while on that journey!

While teaching my early childhood group music classes, I work with kids ages 0-6 and their parents/adults to help instill the basics of music, as well as share the joy of music through singing, dancing, and instrument play. With kids this young, I make sure to include a good amount of structure, as well as plenty of free time for open exploration of expression within music and movement.

I feel extremely lucky to have a career that combines my two passions: teaching and music!
Reem’s studio is full at this time. She is not taking new students. Please call 608.232.1510 to discuss other options for piano instruction.

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