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Suzuki Method

MSAC offers Suzuki instruction in piano and strings to children as young as three years old, though all ages are welcome. The Suzuki method teaches that children can learn to play an instrument the same way they acquire language. This mother-tongue approach begins with learning the physical aspect of playing through imitation of adult models, repetition, and loving encouragement. Reading music is introduced once the child has developed this foundation. Listening to the recordings of the Suzuki repertoire is an indispensable part of the learning process. Students continue to learn by listening throughout their training.

Students attend a weekly private lesson in which parents observe so that they can help the student with home practice. Parents and caregivers play a vital role in continuing the learning process beyond the lesson through daily practice and listening. In addition to weekly private lessons, students are strongly encouraged to participate in group lessons. These lessons provide students and parents with additional instruction, motivation, group and individual performance opportunities, and a community of support.

Parents are invited to attend a one-hour Suzuki Parent Workshop each semester to provide additional information and ideas. Instructors typically schedule a formal recital each semester to celebrate the achievements of all students.

The following instructors teach the Suzuki Method.  Click on their names to read a short bio and to learn about their teaching styles.

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