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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join a class in progress?
Registration for the current session of Music Together closes after the second week of class.

Can I bring an older sibling to class?
Siblings up to age 7 can attend the class up to 2 times per 10 week session (1 time in a 6 week session) at no additional charge. If your older child will attend class more often, please talk with the MSAC director regarding any charges.

Do you offer make-up classes?
We do offer one make-up class per session. The make-up class is to be scheduled with the teacher during an alternative regularly scheduled class. It must be scheduled during the session the class is missed; it can not be carried over into another session. While regular class attendance is important, the orientation of the Music Together program extends the class experience into the child’s life outside of the class by means of parent education and supporting materials, such as the recordings and songbooks. Tuition includes these items and consequently is not “wasted” even if the classes are missed. We are unable to prorate fees for missed Music Together classes.

Can I bring adult visitors (grandma, grandpa, aunt, etc.)?
Yes! Adult visitors are welcome to attend class at no additional charge.

What is the Music Together curriculum?
The Music Together curriculum includes a mix of original songs and traditional tunes from the folk, jazz, and world music traditions in a variety of tonalities and meters. By presenting a range of musical styles from lyrical to blues, from folk to boogie, Music Together provides children with a rich music experience that stimulates and supports their growing music skills and understanding. Music Together families receive two CDs, one for home and one for on-the-go, along with an illustrated songbook that is filled with music-making ideas. In addition, families new to the program receive a parent guide DVD and booklet, “Music Together at Home: Helping Your Child Grow Musically.”

How do the song collections work?
Music Together’s nine song collections, each identified by its own color, instrument name, and graphic are presented in a three-year cycle of three semesters per year. They are non-sequential, so a family can join at any semester and attend class for three full years before cycling back to repeat their first collection.

How many weeks are in a Music Together session?
There are three 10-week sessions, one in the fall, one in the winter, and one in the spring. There is also a 6-week summer session. While the collections are non-sequential, it is very beneficial to commit to consecutive sessions, especially the fall, winter, and spring sessions.

Are there other things I need to know about Music Together classes?
Please remove shoes before going into the classroom. Please do not bring food or toys into the classroom. Bringing food is a potential safety hazard if another child has specific allergies. Bringing toys into the classroom is a distraction and can take away from the music-making activities. We know that it is hard to get out of the house sometimes; however, ritual is an important aspect of Music Together, so please try to arrive on time to class. We ask parents to save conversations until after class, as it can be distracting.


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