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photo for statementsWhat do families think about the teachers and instruction at MSAC?  Here are a few testimonials from parents and students:

  • “One of the most intuitive, creative, positive, and effective teachers our kids have ever had.”
  • “[My daughter] loves her afterschool art class so much. Thank you for making such a bright spot in her week–not focused on outcomes or scores–just inspiring HER and her inner artist. I think she’d live there if she could!!”
  • “[My teacher] is great and very flexible about the kinds of music I am interested in playing. She has a wide-ranging knowledge of types of music and is great at teaching this older student about music theory and the underpinnings, as well as the “notes”. Thanks!
  • We love our teacher!! She is incredibly patient, kind and is amazing with my children. It is also obvious that she loves teaching, is passionate about music, and is well educated in music and music education.”
  • “Because of his teacher’s respectful, high expectations and patient teaching,
    our son’s expectations of himself, in many aspects of his life, have changed. Our son now expects to succeed and knows that patience and practice will get him there. Our son says, ‘This guy is a god.'”
  • “Thank you for giving me the background and reasoning for [art lessons] and the actual processes. I feel like I am also learning from this class…that’s the beauty of life.  I learn as much or more from my daughters as they learn from others and me.”
  • “…my daughter LOVES piano, and [her instructor] is a big reason for that. She embraces what my daughter has to offer and lets my daughter shine. We couldn’t be happier.”
  • “Our child’s teacher inspires his students and helps them to achieve their best. His love of music is always evident. He cares for his students and is always kind and easy going.”
  • “You can tell that the people at MSAC love what they do. They have that special talent of engaging children in the beauty of art.”

For more information about MSAC teachers, visit our art faculty and music faculty pages.

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