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Afton Parker

16999199_10212289326170680_3019678580924475388_nAfton comes from a small country town in Northern California. Being the progeny of a family full of musicians, dancers, and a professor of art history afforded her a childhood immersed in the arts. She began studying dance when she was 8 years old. When she was 9, she began taking private lessons for voice and acting. Soon after she began teaching. Her childhood dream of performing on Broadway drove her to New York where she was fortunate enough to graduate from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy with honors in their Integrated Musical Theater Conservatory Program. After her graduation she moved to Sacramento and worked as a dance teacher, choreographer, performer, and Music Together teacher. She plays auto-harp and is learning guitar.

Besides the arts, Afton’s biggest passion is the teaching and nurturing of children. In her opinion, music is joy and if she had one wish it would be to pass this joy onto her students. “So many times we forget that music is a means of honest expression and not about performance or perfection. Sing for joy. Sing for yourself. Sing for you children.”

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