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(from the Art Blog August 2012)

I have patiently waited for the last several months to tell you all the details of our latest grant funded program-OASis! OASis stands for Open Art Studio is… This is a new art program that will accommodate students with special needs from the ages of 6-18 years old.

This is not only a great step forward for MSFAC, because we can offer art enrichment to everyone, but it is also a very personally exciting adventure for me. I have an Art Therapy degree, as well as an Art Education degree, and have been wanting to combine the two for quite some time.  Abby Tindal, another art teacher that works with us is in the process of earning her Art Therapy Degree and will be finished in the spring of this year. I can tell you that she is equally excited about this new adventure we are embarking on!

We are very excited to use our knowledge of art materials and supplies to create a really great space for students will all different needs and abilities to come together and gain confidence and enrichment through art.

The program will be the last Friday of every month, starting September 28th. It will start at 3:30 and go until 5:00.  Thanks to the Capital Times Kids Fund Grant, this program is free to participants!

Open Art Studio is …Exciting, Inspiring, Creative,
Accommodating, Approachable!
…An art studio to help students with
special needs gain confidence
through art!

Please contact us with any questions about this program at 232-1510, or email: beth@msfac.org

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