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Private Music Registration


Please read here for registration information if you are a returning student or after you’ve had a meet and greet lesson.  If you have not yet scheduled a meet and greet lesson, please complete our Meet and Greet Form and we will contact you to schedule an introductory lesson.

Summer registration is Still Available!
Please call us at 608.232.2510 for scheduling and availability

Summer private lesson scheduling is flexible, allowing you and your teacher to schedule around pre-planned absences, vacations, and other summer activities. A minimum of four lessons per student per teacher is required for the summer semester.

Once registered for summer lessons, your schedule is final and no refunds will be given. If you need to adjust your lesson schedule we will do our best to accommodate changes.

New this year: Any student who registers for four or more lessons during our summer semester will get first preference to register for our fall semester when it opens later this summer. Just pick four (or more) summer dates per student per teacher and you will be in the first group to register for Fall 2018.

Unable to schedule four lessons this summer? 
We are offering the option to  pay a non-refundable holding fee for current students only.  This fee would be the equivalent to four lessons ($120) in order to guarantee a spot in your teacher’s schedule in the fall. The holding fee will allow your teacher to hold your spot this summer, still be compensated for lessons and not have to fill the spot with another student that may risk filling their studio for fall. If your student does not pay the holding fee or sign up for four lessons this summer, please understand you will risk losing your spot in your current teachers studio.  Exact lesson day and times with each teacher will be determined during fall registration. Please contact us with any questions or to discuss these policies further. 

If you would like to pay a holding fee you can do this by calling our office or stopping in. Cash, check or credit card are accepted.  We suggest you do this by Wednesday, April 25 to ensure a new student isn’t placed in your current teachers schedule. 

Click on your teacher’s name below to view their summer lesson schedule. Please call us at 608.232.2510 for scheduling and current lesson availability.
Chris Allen – Guitar
Erin Barnard – Violin/Viola
Jeff Burns – Piano
Matt Dahm – Violin/Viola
Lisa DeBaker Mott – Piano
Jingwen Fan – Piano
Sigrun Franzen – Suzuki Piano
Nicole Gray – Brass
Brian Grimm – Cello/Electric Bass Guitar
Jaime Guiscafre – Guitar
Brian Hagen – Piano
DeWayne Keyes – Harmonica
Bruce McKinnon, Jr. – Piano
Charlie Painter – Guitar, Ukulele
Hannah Scholbrock – Voice
Ken Stancer – Suzuki Piano
Anastasia Tomanek – Piano
Reem Totonchi – Piano
Mark Wurzelbacher – Piano
Karen Zethmayr – Suzuki Violin/Fiddle

Please read below for important need to know information before registering.

$30/30 minute lesson
$45/45 minute lesson
$60/60 minute lesson

Online Registration
Online registration has closed, it isn’t too late to register and please do so by phone. Please call us at 608.232.2510 for scheduling and current lesson availability.


Step-by-step guide to choosing summer classes online:

Jackrabbit has updated its Parent Portal and has left our previous how-to guide obsolete. Here is an updated step-by-step guide on how to register for music lessons this summer:

1. Go to the Parent Portal and sign in by entering your login name and password.

2. At the top of the screen, select “Classes and Events.”

3. Select “Find Classes.”

4. Scroll down to the round light blue button on the bottom-right side of your screen and click to see the filter options.

5. Choose your filters as you like, or as follows:

  • Select “Category” and when a new window opens, click on “Category 1” and select “private music” from the drop-down menu. Then click on “Month” and choose June to start. Then click “add filter.” For each additional month you want to sign up for lessons in, go back and adjust the month to July or August.
  • Go back to the blue button and select “Session,” choosing “2018 Summer” and again, clicking “add filter.”
  • Go back to the blue button and select “Instructor,” choosing your instructor.
  • In the top left corner of the blue bar, click on “Class A-Z” to sort results based on earliest first
  • You can then keep filtering by “days of the week” and/or “time of day” to see a range of open lesson times from your instructor

6. Once you have found the class day/time with your instructor that you’d like to register for, click on that class and then click on “Add to Cart.” Choose which student to enroll and again, click “add to cart.”

7. You will need to follow this process for each individual lesson you’d like to sign up for. Please sign up for a minimum of four lessons over the course of the summer.

8. Once you have individually selected the classes you want for the whole summer, go to your cart and click enroll. If you’d like to view your selected classes at any time during the process, look in the upper-right corner of your screen and click on the cart icon. You will receive a confirmation email when your registration is completed.

Note for registering siblings: If you are registering multiple students, start by registering one student by clicking on your desired lesson day/time. Once you are in the registration form you will be prompted to add additional students if needed.

45 or 60-minute lessons are available. To schedule 45-minute lessons, please register by phone (608-232-1510) or in person. To schedule 60-minute lessons online, select two back-to-back 30-minute lessons.

Scheduling is first come first serve. If there is not a time that works in your schedule, please contact us at info@monroestreetarts.org and we will assist you in finding a time that works. MSAC staff and teachers will work together to best accommodate each students needs.

Payment is required at the time of registration.

Summer Payments: Choose the lesson dates you can attend and pay for the classes you have registered for at the time of enrollment.  Payment plans are available. 50% payment is due at registration and the remainder is due in July. To enroll in a summer payment plan please write in the comment section during registration, or register over the phone or in person.

Once you select your dates to attend lessons, your schedule is final and no refunds will be given. If you need to adjust your lesson schedule we will do our best to accommodate changes to another day or time.

Academic Year Payments: During our academic year (September-May) payment for the first month of lessons is due upon registration.  Online registrations require a credit card on file to register. Your card will be automatically charged the day your register.  To be enrolled in monthly auto payments no further action is required.  If you prefer to pay in full or monthly by cash or check, just make a note on your registration form and we will NOT process your card and will contact you to arrange payment.  
Academic Year Monthly Payment Breakdown for 30 min lessons:
September – $120
October – $120
November – $90
December – $90
January – $120
February – $120
March – $120
April – $120
May – $120
The above payment schedule is based on 34 lessons from Sept-May. The monthly payment is based on the average number of lessons taken each month.  The number of lessons each month will vary based on the day your lesson meets.  Regardless all students get 34 lessons in an academic year. If lessons are discontinued you will be refunded, see our cancellation policy for details.

During our academic year (September-May) students are allowed two excused absences to be made up during make up weeks.  No make up lessons or refunds are given in the summer semester (June-August), due to our flexible scheduling options. Students may terminate lessons with two-weeks written notice; paid tuition beyond those two weeks will be refunded in full.


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