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Happenings at MSAC-Update!

Welcome back to my art blog! All about the art program happenings at the Monroe Street Arts Center. Read on to hear about all the exciting stuff that we are getting ourselves into!

We are SO looking forward to our Summer Art Program. Mostly because we have some great new classes (honorable mention: Shark Week Art Camp), and for the first time ever, we are offering full day options! Now you can drop off your kids at 9 and pick them up at either 3pm or 4:30. Summer Art at MSAC also means the weather will (hopefully) stay warm for a guaranteed 3 months! Check out what we offer on our website. Classes are filling up fast!10492346_10152488892277311_2424718266635388628_n

Science and Art Class
We are wrapping up our first semester venturing into cross curricula education. We began homeschool Combining Science and Art class in January, and have learned and created some awesome art. This semester we learned about snowflakes, water cycle, flowers, and my personal favorite: beetles! The beetle unit involved looking through microscopes and drawing with oil pastels the incredible close up colors of these beautiful iridescent, rainbow like beetles. The results from the students were a collection of colorfully drawn abstract images.

Beetle art!

Beetle art!

Art is so important to childhood (and adult!) development and understanding of all subjects. Watching these kids understand complex  ideas has been a pleasure! A big thank you to some parent volunteers that have co-taught this class with me, bringing in the science knowledge in ways that I would not have been able to.

Upcoming Events
MSAC will be out and about this spring and summer. We have gigs lined up beginning May 2nd at the Monroe Street Branch of the Library. We will be over there from 10-11:30 AM making May Flowers with anyone interested!
Sunday, May 17 we will be helping to kick off the first of many MadCity Bazaar markets. I am very excited to be involved in this urban pop-up flea market- If you haven’t head about it, please check it out! This is just another reason of why Madison is a great town!
Saturday, June 20th we will be face painting at Jazz in the Park, held at the park by Lake Wingra. This year they will have an art fair as well!
Sunday, June 21st we are collaborating with the Library again at the Capital Brewery for their Rock & Read fundraiser.
Wednesday, July 15th we will be painting faces at Concerts on the Square.

We have a lot of great events coming up. With the long winter months behind us, it should be our duty to get out and experience new and exciting things! Stop at any of these events and say “hi”!

Face painting: Making kids super happy since the beginning of time.

Face painting: Making kids super happy since the beginning of time.

Colectivo Coffee has moved in next door! MSAC is so happy to have them as neighbors! They are a wonderful company that holds great value to the arts and community. We couldn’t happier (and we’re pretty excited to be steps away from our daily intake of coffee!). When you stop in for your coffee fix, take a close look at the artwork- it is from students of the MSAC Art Program!

Wow! After reading this over, I am happy to say that I am part of such a great organization. We really strive to be a community art partner, and it sure looks like we are doing our job at that! As always, we couldn’t do it without our families, students, volunteers and staff, so a great big, sappy THANK YOU to everyone!






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