Art Faculty

Music and art are two of life’s greatest and lasting pleasures. Both can be shared with friends, family and even a larger audience. Individuals of all ages and levels reap lifelong benefits from training, practice, and performance.

MSAC has been offering high-quality music and art instruction since 1997. Our faculty consists of talented professionals who are skilled and dedicated teachers. Each has chosen to teach here because they enjoy being part of this special community of colleagues, students, and families, all learning how to better express themselves through music and art.

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Brittany Buck-Art Teacher

unnamedThroughout my life art has been a positive form of expression I naturally adapted too. The importance of the creative process has shown me new discoveries about myself and the wonderful world around me.
I believe the creative process has great benefits for everyone inside and out of the art room. It isn’t about how well you create something, it is important that you just create. Showing children this experience at a young age helps them grow, feel comfort, and discover self-confidence. My hope for each child I work with is to show them how art keeps imagination alive and encourage them to see the piece of art in everything.

Ages: 0-adult Experience: Edgewood College Art Therapy Students club (ECATS) Studio E: The Epilepsy Art Therapy Program. Intern at Madison Children’s Museum Intern SPARK coordinator at WI Veterans Museum PaintNite Artist Instructor 2014-Present Education: BA in Art Therapy at Edgewood College, Spring 2016

Nancy Daly-Art Teacher

558_Daly_NancyNancy Daly has been teaching the popular “Fabric Storyscapes” classes during the summers at MSAC since 1998. Nancy has a degree in early childhood and elementary education from Hampshire College, in Amherst, MA. After graduation, she taught for several years before founding and teaching at Tenney Nursery & Parent Center in Madison, 1979 to 2002. Since that time, in addition to teaching at MSAC, Nancy has done frequent artist-in-residencies at WI elementary schools leading children in the creation of large mural story quilts. She enjoys having mixed ages in her classes with younger students learning from those more experienced, and encouraging all to work from their imaginations and experiences.

Ages: 6-14 Experience: Founded Tenney Nursery & Parent Center (Madison, WI) Artist-in-residence, Wisconsin Public Schools Education: BA in Early Childhood/Elementary Education; Hampshire College (Amherst, MA) Activities: Quilt conferences in Wisconsin National Quilt Museum (Paducah, KY) Email

Kathy Engebretsen-Art Teacher

kathyThe adventure of creating visual art is exciting for young and old. It is critical to encourage the enthusiasm and spontaneity of children at a young age so they continue to explore their potential. Guidance from teachers and parents along the way will foster divergent thinking and motivate them to discover new connections between art-making and the world around them. As adults and children engage in this process of creation, we make our lives richer and more rewarding!

Ages: All Education: BFA in Fine Arts; University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh

Hanna Flor-Office Coordinator/ Art Teacher

Creating art has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I have learned in my adult life just how much I enjoy sharing that passion with others and helping others to discover their own passion for art. I believe that creating is a very important part of living a full life. It provides us a space to express our inner most working and helps us to know ourselves and the world around us a bit better.

Ages: 0-Adult Experience: 20+ hours of practicum work in each of the following art classrooms: Madison Children’s Museum, Edgewood Elementary, Edgewood High, and Wingra School. Education: K-12 Art and Design Education with a minor in Psychology at Edgewood College- Spring 2019 Email

Jess Jacobson-Lead Art Teacher

IMG_4335Having personally used art as an outlet to explore and discover myself and the world around me, I understand how important having a safe and encouraging art experience can be! I believe that art is a natural form of communication for children of all ages and skill level, and when experienced within a positive community it can lead to strong foundations in self-confidence and self-expression. I think the focus of an art project should be on the process of creating, exploring materials, and engaging with other students – and when this happens I find the students take pride in their creations as well as with themselves.

Ages: 0-Adult Experience: In addition to teaching at MSAC, I am the K-4 Art Teacher at St. James Catholic School in Madison, as well as the toddler art teacher at Gan Hayeled Pre-school. In the past I've worked as an Artist for two summers through a summer camp facilitating art workshops, and spent a semester working at Cornucopia Arts and Wellness Center. I spent a semester running after school art workshops at Aldo Leopold Elementry, as well as coordinated and worked with several groups through Edgewood College - Boys and Girls Club of Madison, WEAP: Wisconsin Early Autism Project, and Studio E: The Epilepsy Art Therapy Program. Education: Bachelor of Arts in Art Therapy with a minor in Psychology at Edgewood College – Spring 2014. Email

Genna Kuypers-Art Teacher

unnamedWatercolor painting with my grandmother was the first experience I had with losing track of time. I would get lost in the image, and it would almost seem like I never came up for air. I was able to think and process all my emotions, while blending the paint color into a delicate flower petal. Art became an opening for my mind to wonder away from the surroundings, and get lost in the moment. Ultimately, giving me confidence to continue to explore new adventures in life — and it is this embodiment of thinking where my teaching philosophy stems from.
As an educator of the arts, my aim is to facilitate a learning environment filled with creativity and expression. With a hopeful goal that each student leave my class with a creative confidence; so they can go out into the community with an itch to learn and create more. I believe every artist is someone who expresses themselves through a different medium, not necessarily through that perfect, realistic drawing. I encourage my students to know it’s perfectly fine to make mistakes, and to keep in mind art is just like any other subject matter because it too takes practice and perseverance. Eventually building upon that creative confidence to create something magnificent!
Ages: 0-adult Experience: Art Teacher in the Dioceses of Madison from 2013-2018. Designed and optimized an art curriculum for primary, intermediate and middle school students on a bimonthly basis. Education: Bachelor of Arts in Art & Art History with a teaching certificate in Elementary Education from the University of Colorado at Boulder — Spring 2011.

Alyssa Lovely-Art Teacher

 unnamedI have been working with youth of all ages since I was a senior in High School, and am thrilled to be working at MSAC! I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with degrees in Psychology, Studio Art, and a Certificate in Criminal Justice. One day I’d like to put all of my passions together and become an Art Therapist. When I’m not at MSAC, you’ll find me at Concerts on the Square, spending time with my friends at the Terrace, or with my nose in a good book.

Ages: 0-Adult Experience: Site Director at MSCR Super Center Arts Camp, and have also worked as a Behavior Therapist Tech at Wisconsin Early Autism Project, Nursery Staff at First Congregational United Church of Christ, Group Leader at MSCR, and as an Intern and Americorps member with Girls, Inc. at Goodman Community Center Education: Degrees in Studio Art (2017) and Psychology (2015) from UW Madison

Alaura Seidl-Art Teacher


Art is a process of defining and redefining ourselves. By experimenting with new media, developing new skills, making mistakes, and telling our stories, we have a chance to explore the world around us while carving out our place in it. As a teaching artist, I enjoy discovering fresh techniques and materials and sharing those surprises with my students. Let’s make fun surprises together!

Ages: 0-Adult Experience: Past: Community Partnerships ArtSpeak intern, Mentoring Positives volunteer, residential and day camp counselor and art teacher, Outreach Specialist for UW-Madison Art Department. Present: Community Arts Lecturer at UW-Madison, Founder and Lead Artist of The ArtWrite Collective Education: Bachelor of Science in Art with a certificate in Gender and Women’s Studies - University of Wisconsin-Madison (2012), Master of Science in Educational Leadership and Policy with a graduate certificate in community-based learning - Portland State University (2014). Email