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A Few Great Changes!

It’s watercolor with a black glue outline! The colors are so vibrant!

Art classes are humming along at the Center, and we are making some pretty neat stuff!

Thank You, Jen!

Most importantly, we bid a fine farewell to our Executive Director, Jen Roth. Jen has brought this wonderful (and not so little) art center on Monroe Street so very far in her five years as the Executive Director. We attribute our past success in music and art to Jen! We will be sad to see her go, but (very) excited to have our new Executive Director, Holly Baris join us November first.  Please check the link to read an informative letter from our Board President, Doug Poland and Jen Roth.

So here’s to a new round of excitement for the Monroe Street Arts Center, and a very big THANK YOU to Jen for all she has done!

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