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Fall is Here!

fall nature mandala made in homeschool art!
Well our Fall Program is, anyway! We are in week two of the fall program, and we are off to a great start. We have a lot of great art classes running, and a few new ones, too! We started two brand-new homeschool art classes. These new classes focus on specific artists in history and specific media. This is very exciting, because we can focus all of our energy on one artist or media. So far everyone really seems to enjoy it! Check out this program here.  You can also check out the homeschool group music program, that runs Thursdays from 1pm-1:45. This is a great way to explore movement, singing, history, and instruments in a homeschool specific setting!
For the last year we have been offering art classes on a monthly basis, which is handy for families that have a lot of activities to plan for your young learners! I personally enjoy this monthly sign up, because, as a teacher, I get to meet so many wonderful, young artists!
Speaking of all these children that are humming about MSFAC, I had a moment where I thought about the many regular art students I get. For years now, I have gotten to know quite a few families and gotten pretty attached to them. It is so great to look at the class lists and see some of the same names. The best part is that they know their way around my art class and are very helpful to newcomers. I get the warm and fuzzies big time when a new student is nervously sitting in my class for the first time and a veteran student eases their worries. Kids are pretty great.
Here’s to another great school year of art and music!
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